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Jews in America: A Personal Circle of Family, Acquaintance, and Influence
In the process of living in my family and in many communities, I have foundered and found the process of identifying and being identified with Judaism to be a compelling, sometimes difficult journey and a source of riches. This is true for many in my circle of acquaintance… for others it has been a source of pain and disappointment or indifference. And for many that I know, their identity as Jews and members of the Jewish community has almost always been a source of spiritual and personal nourishment and support.
For some, being Jewish is as intimate as water is to fish and impossible to consider because every aspect of their lives is determined by their Jewishness. For others it requires thought and for yet others it demands consideration of a past no longer relevant. The question posed to my subjects in this gallery was: “When you think about being Jewish, what do you think of?”
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